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Title Platform Genre Score Date
Tales of the Abyss
takes the PS2 classic and updates it for play on the Nintendo 3DS.
3DS Role-Playing 7.0 14 Feb 2012
Virtua Tennis
Tennis fans should be in heaven after playing .
DC Tennis 8.1 22 Jan 2012
Hexacto's Tennis Addict
Tennis Addict deserves a place in any Smartphone owner's digital library.
MOBILE Tennis 8.0 22 Jan 2012
Despite its frustrating control, delivers some quality action.
MOBILE Horror Action Adventure 8.1 22 Jan 2012
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4
It doesn't take advantage of everything the Zodiac has to offer, but it's certainly a solid start for the franchise..
ZOD Skateboarding 7.2 22 Jan 2012
Hugo - Black Diamond Fever
Black Diamond Fever is a good little platformer that fans of the genre should enjoy.
MOBILE 2D Platformer 7.1 22 Jan 2012
PureSim Baseball 2004
shows that developer Shaun Sullivan is building an impressive, if somewhat modest, new baseball management simulation franch..
PC Baseball Sim 7.8 22 Jan 2012
Return of the Incredible Machine Con
Return of the Incredible Machine combines the humor and nostalgia of Rube Goldberg cartoons into many hours of challenging an..
PC Puzzle 8.1 22 Jan 2012
Inspector Parker
a logic puzzle that asks you to use a series of clues to figure out which rooms in a house contain a variety of items and peo..
PC Puzzle 8.7 22 Jan 2012
With its arcade-game aesthetic and its short-burst friendliness, looks great and plays even better.
MOBILE Puzzle 8.5 22 Jan 2012
Nano Kid
strikes the perilous balance between homage and over-derivation very well.
MOBILE 2D Platformer 7.8 22 Jan 2012
Spy Hunter
falls short of perfection, but is one of the best games in recent memory and a blast to play alone or with friends.
ZOD Mission-based Driving 8.8 22 Jan 2012
MVP Baseball 2005
offers more features that let you take control of your favorite major league baseball team both on and off the field. The ga..
XBOX Baseball Sim 8.9 22 Jan 2012
Bomberman Tournament
easily the best Bomberman to hit these shores since Saturn Bomberman in 1997.
GBA Action 8.6 22 Jan 2012
The Italian Job
Although doesn't have much longevity, its madcap subject matter, good presentation, and friendly control scheme will ap..
PS Mission-based Driving 7.3 22 Jan 2012
Gitaroo Man
Gitaroo-Man is arguably the most original and inventive rhythm game since the advent of Dance Dance Revolution or the origina..
PS2 Rhythm / Music 8.7 22 Jan 2012
Tomb Raider Chronicles
a worthy enough "sequel" to the original and can deliver an adequate number of thrills, though nothing unique or su..
PS Modern Action Adventure 7.2 22 Jan 2012
Battlefield 2: Armored Fury
a booster pack for Battlefield 2, adding new maps and new vehicle classes.
PC Modern Tactical Shooter 7.4 22 Jan 2012
There is no real reason why RPG fans shouldn't go for this one; it's a genuinely satisfying experience, even if it ..
DC Role-Playing 7.1 22 Jan 2012
1602 A.D.
captures the feel of the historical period very well and carries you along without the extreme highs and lows that character..
PC Strategy 7.2 21 Jan 2012

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