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Title Platform Genre Score Date
Slender: The Arrival Review
<p style="">Slender Man has captured a large part of the popular psyche--large enough that t..
PS3 7.0 31 Dec 1969
Infinite Crisis Review
<p dir="ltr" style="">Unlike the superheroes of comic books, Infinite Crisis makes..
PC 0.0 31 Dec 1969
Paperbound Review
<p style="" data-right-indent="0" data-left-indent="0">In Paperbound, wa..
PS3 0.0 31 Dec 1969
Bastion Review
<p dir="ltr" style="">I confess that I look forward to re-releases of popular game..
PS3 8.0 31 Dec 1969
Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First
<p style="">There was a short run, a tap of R2, and a massive swing of a greatsword, and Ald..
PC 0.0 31 Dec 1969
Pillars of Eternity Review
<p style="">Clone or homage? That Pillars of Eternity hews close to the <a href="/ba..
PC 0.0 31 Dec 1969
MLB 15: The Show Review
<p style="">Rites of spring come in many forms. Winter snows finally recede. Flying-V format..
PS3 0.0 31 Dec 1969
Etrian Mystery Dungeon Review
<p style="">Etrian Mystery Dungeon can leave you bullied and brokenhearted. Picture this: af..
3DS 0.0 31 Dec 1969
Dyscourse Review
<p style="">In the world of Dyscourse, I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts which has taken my car..
PC 0.0 31 Dec 1969
Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition
<p style="">I can barely hear my car's radio over the storm. It's just a low buzz ..
PC 0.0 31 Dec 1969
Sunless Sea Review
<p style="">The wonder that exploration brings within a game is finite. Once we discover som..
PC 0.0 31 Dec 1969
Story of Seasons Review
<p style=""> Farm work often builds more calluses than character. Baling hay and operating h..
3DS 0.0 31 Dec 1969

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