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Vanquish arriving on 360, PS3 this winter

"PlatinumGames' fourth collaboration with Sega confirmed as a third-person shooter, will arrive in West in 2010."

When PlatinumGames was first revealed to the world, Sega was heralding a four-game deal with the upstart studio of ex-Clover Studio developers. Today the publisher confirmed that the last of those games--the Shinji Mikami-directed Vanquish--would see a winter release this year.

In a brutal fashion faux pas, Sam will be wearing white after Labor Day.

In a brutal fashion faux pas, Sam will be wearing white after Labor Day.

Vanquish was originally announced by way of a teaser trailer in January. The clip combined live-action footage with computer graphics effects to show an armored man in a space-borne firefight, but offered nothing concrete about the actual game. In announcing the game's release date, Sega and PlatinumGames also confirmed some speculation as to the nature of the title.

A third-person shooter with an emphasis on action, Vanquish will follow a government-backed one-man army named Sam as he takes on robotic enemies in a world where an energy crisis has once again put the United States and Russia at odds. Unfortunately, this conflict isn't another Cold War, with hostilities started by the obliteration of San Francisco from an orbital laser cannon.

In a statement, Mikami said the development team's goal with Vanquish is "to inject the extreme pace of an action game into a shooter." For more on the game, check out the teaser trailer below.

Posted on Mar 04, 2010



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