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E3 2011: Star Fox 64 3D Hands-On

"Yes, we do a barrel roll (multiple, actually) in our hands-on with this updated Nintendo 64 classic."

Fox, Peppy, Falco, and the gang enter the third dimension with Star Fox 64 3D, another Nintendo 64 stalwart making the leap to Nintendo's recently released 3DS. The game won't just be a simple port, however; this updated version will sport new controls that support the 3DS's motion sensors and an updated multiplayer experience. We managed to test both out at this year's E3.

While you can control your Airwings using the handheld's standard control, flying by tilting is the new addition, and for the most part, it works well. Simply tilting your 3DS in the direction you want to fly is simple and intuitive, but we still found traditional controls to be much more to our liking. As you'd expect, moving too much while holding the 3DS quickly loses the ideal 3D viewing angle, so those intent on seeing full 3D may not be fans of this control option.

As for multiplayer, the game will support four players, with the 3DS's inward-facing camera capturing your face and using the image as the identifier for your plane. The level we played took place in an area dotted with towers and long rows of pipes, which were handy for trying to shake dogged opponents by flying around them. We noticed some automatic target locking was happening on opponents, which made it slightly easier to get a bead and fire upon our foes. We weren't able to dig in and see if this assist could be turned off, however.

The game itself looked quite good, with the 3DS conversion giving some nice depth to the visuals, particularly the Airwings' targeting reticle. Fans of the original will find a lot to like in this game, which is due out in September this year.

Posted on Jun 09, 2011



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